Recognition of Exchange Studies

The Dalarna University cooperation agreements with international partner universities provide opportunity for students to experience another study environment. The courses that students take at a partner university replace courses that they would have taken at Dalarna University.

Exchange Studies at Dalarna University

Dalarna University has signed cooperation agreements with a large number of partner universities abroad. These provide opportunity for staff and students to build on their vocational skills, qualifications and experience in international settings. The courses that exchange students take at a partner university replace equivalent courses that they would have taken at Dalarna University.
Foundational to academic exchange is trust; we know our partner universities and we trust that the quality of their courses and programmes is at the same level as ours. This knowledge means that our students can go on an exchange and that we can approve the courses they take while they are studying abroad.
This document provides information about procedures for administrators and programme coordinators.

Prerequisites for Exchange Studies

Dalarna University is involved in a number of exchange programmes, bilateral agreements and networks: Erasmus+ (the largest exchange programme in Europe); Nordplus (a network in the Nordic and Baltic countries); ETEN (for teacher students); and Linnaeus-Palme (with low- and middle-income countries). Dalarna University students taking the course package The Road to China automatically have the opportunity to study for one semester in China.

With exchange studies,

  • there is no fee, and studies must be full-time.
  • students may receive a scholarship (this depends on the programme).
  • the partner university provides some services, such as help finding accommodation, applying for a visa and organising insurance. The university may also provide a study and language introduction.
  • exchange studies must be recognised by the student’s home university. This is why students must have a Learning Agreement before beginning their exchange as this guarantees recognition of their exchange studies upon their return to Dalarna University.
  • the institution must provide students with a transcript of records free of charge at the end of their exchange (there may be a fee in non-EU countries).

When students apply for an exchange, they are also considered to have applied for recognition of their studies and, where applicable, for a scholarship. Therefore, students do not need to submit a separate application to receive recognition for their studies.

Tillgodoräkning versus Tillgodogörande

Tillgodoräkning (Transfer of Credit) - not used for exchange studies

With transfer of credit, we compare the objectives of the courses a student takes abroad with the objectives of the courses at Dalarna University. We transfer those courses to the student’s degree and replace the names of those with the Dalarna University course names. The student then receives credits for these.

See an example in our degree certificate (link) 

Tillgodogörande (Recognition of Studies)

Results from courses that students take during their exchange are normally recognised through a process called tillgodogörande. The students’ final degree certificate will state the institution where they completed their exchange courses, and the exchange courses will retain their original name in the certificate.

See the example of a Dalarna University degree certificate (link).

(The term tillgodogörande is one we use locally at Dalarna University; the formal term in Ladok is tillgodoräkning.)


Contact: Susanne Corrigox, Erasmus Coordinator

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