Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Collaboration with Business and Industry

Graph showing the different KTP stakeholdersIn brief, the KTP project involves the employment of a recent graduate for up to two years at a regional company. The project can be about product development, market development, process development and energy efficiency, based on the specific company´s needs. 

During the employment period, Dalarna University provides a qualified supervisor, often a researcher, and a businesscoach. The University also provides any necessary lab resources. The project leader (i.e., the recent graduate) will receive a market-competitive salary, half of which is paid by the company and the other half with project funding.


Career Ladder Head-Start

It’s not always easy for recent graduates to get a start on the career ladder. KTP can help change that. It offers you, the recent graduate, the chance to start work on a project idea in a regional company looking for exciting development opportunities.

You are employed by Dalarna University as a KTP Project Lead: this is a full-time position for up to two years. You will receive a market-comparable wage, half paid by the company and half financed by project funds.

KTP is a great opportunity for you, the recent graduate, to develop your professional competence by working at a company while receiving support form a coach from business and industry and a supervisor from the University. 

How does it work?

Companies that are interested in being involved must meet a number of criteria: for example, they must be financially stable and show potential for growth. They must have a maximum of 250 employees and a minimum of 5 employees.

Together with the company, KTP draws up a proposed project idea. After this, a recruitment announcement is published publicly, after which a number of applicants are called for an interview.

All our current opportunities are listed here:

We are also assisting several other universities with setting up KTP projects, so keep a look out on other job sites such as arbetsformedlingen and

What can you expect from KTP?

Are you ambitious? Are your academic results good? Is your aim to quickly and efficiently start climbing the career ladder? If you answered yes, then KTP can be the start of something big!

KTP has the potential to change not just you yourself but also – just maybe – an entire company. It will be whatever you make of it.

With the help of KTP supervisors, researchers, coaches and company personnel, you can bank on a full packed project with many opportunities for you to develop innovative ideas. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be the one to develop a new operating system for computers or an innovative means to collecting solar energy!


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