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The Engineer Pool at Dalarna University involves collaboration between two parties and benefits all involved. Do you have an idea you want help to develop within your company or organisation? Use the Engineer Pool and let a student with the latest expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm take charge.

Solar Energy studentsThe Engineer Pool allows for collaboration between companies and the University. We invite you and your company to contact us when you have an assignment that you need to complete at the same as your company offers an engineering student the opportunity to experience a real work situation during his or her study time.

The assignment in question can vary in length and can be adjusted to the current study situation of the student. It can relate, for example, to development, to a process, or to an analysis, and should relate to these fields: structural engineering, energy engineering, mechanical and material engineering, and industrial economics.

First Steps

There is no need for you to spend time thinking about whether or not the assignment is suitable or how it should be set up. That is taken care of by the Engineer Pool management team (see below), who will help to adapt the assignment: get in touch and we will get back to you promptly with more information.

The University will contact a suitable engineering student and establish contact between the student and your company. Throughout the assignment period, the management teacm will provide support to both the student and the company. Our students are accustomed to working independently, which means that only a certain amount of time is required to supervise the student in this way.

If the assignment should prove itself to be too advanced for the student, then teachers and researchers at the University can provide extra support. The work can also be the student's degree project if a longer period on a full-time basis is required for the student to complete the assignment.

Equipment, Material and Costs

Students looking at a drawing on a computer screenThe student has access to our software and equipment for use during the assignment. For example, we have licences for Solid Works, which means that we can deliver complete CAD files to your company.

In those cases the student carries out work that is not part of his or her studies, then the University pays the student a wage and the company then pays to cover the cost.

Contact with the Engineer Pool

Does your company have something that one or more of our engineering students can help you with? Send a description to - and we will get back to you.

Managerial Team

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