Central Administration

It is the role of those in the various offices that fall under Higher Education Administration to provide strategic and operative support within the fields of education and research at all levels and to all departments within the organisation.

This specific department is headed by the Head of Administration and comprises several offices that together provide administrative services for the university as a whole.


Katarina Johansson, Head of Administration
Email: hogskoledirektor@du.se

Office of Student Services and Education Administration

This office provides support and service to students, employees and visitors in regards to issues such as admissions, registration and graduation.


Stina Eklund, Director of Student Affairs
Email: seu@du.se

Office of Finance and Procurement

This office works with the planning and management of the university budget, while also dealing with all questions related to revenue, expenses, invoicing and accounting.


Christer Sundin, Finance Director
Email: csu@du.se
Telephone: 023-77 88 70

Office of Campus and Facilities Planning

This office ensures that the physical facilities of the university allow for cost-effective and functional activities. We provide services related to the organisation's cars, insurance, mail, deliveries, photocopying, janitorial work and security.


Björn Pettersson, Property and Facilities Manager
Email: bps@du.se
Telephone: 023-77 80 81

Office of IT and Digital Infrastructure

This office provides support and expertise in the area of IT to ensure the smooth running of IT facilities at the university for all who use them. It also works in the field of development and optimisation of IT services.


Magnus Höglund, IT Manager
Email: mho@du.se
Telephone: 023-77 81 20

Office of Marketing and Communication

This office works with both external and internal communication, as well as student recruitment, marketing, press information and research communication. It also works with both development and updating of the Swedish and English websites.


Ulrica Momqvist
Marketing and Communication Director
Email: uli@du.se
Telephone: 023-77 80 40

Office of Human Resources

This office works with all questions related to staff members, from professional development to recruitment. Its aim is to promote Dalarna University as an attractive workplace and to provide support and service to all staff members.


Brita Westberg, Human Resources Director
Email: bwe@du.se

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

This office provides support to all levels of the organisation, such as management, the University Governing Board and the Disciplinary Board. The office is responsible for the archive and filing system, as well as for tenders and procurement.


Anders Forsman, Office of the Vice-Chancellor
Email: afm@du.se
Telephone: 023-77 89 56

Office of Education and Research

The main areas of responsibility of the Office of Education and Research at Dalarna University focus on the alignment of the development and management of the organisation in terms of both education and research.


Magnus Jobs, Education and Research Director
Email: mjb@du.se

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