Maps – Campus Borlänge and Campus Falun

Here you can access digital maps for Campus Falun, Mediahuset, and Campus Borlänge. You can view these maps both in your computer and through the MazeMap app on your phone.

Find Your Way around Campus with MazeMap

With the digital navigation tool MazeMap, it's easy to navigate the campus. The map helps you find, among other things: 

  • rooms/halls 
  • toilets and disabled toilet
  • study places
  • student kitchen with microwaves 
  • food and drinks (Cafés and restaurants)
  • reception
  • bicycle parking and battery charging stations (search for "cykelparkering" and "cykelbatteriladdning")
  • copying services.

For the best experience, open the map in a new window (click "open in new window" in the bottom right corner below the map) or download the MazeMap app on your phone for free. This allows you to search the map and get directions easily.

Campus Borlänge

Campus Falun


MazeMap Instructions

You can explore the map using the mouse cursor, zooming in and out, and switching floors with the buttons on the left side of the map. You can also see your position by clicking on "User position" icon and choose between a 2D or 3D view of the campus.

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