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Play (Kaltura)
"My Media" and Play is currently unavailable. Our host is working on the problem and we hope that it will be fixed soon. More information:
System maintenance:

On Sunday march 14th our supplier for (Blackboard) will perform planned maintenance work on the platform. This will cause the service to be unavailable.

The planned maintenance work will be started at 01:00 and is scheduled to end at 06:00.

Play (Kaltura)
During the weekend of March 26-28, the university's media system will be upgraded. Lectures published via "My Media" in Learn or on are likely to experience some disruptions.

If you plan to upload or record media during this time via Play (Kaltura -My Media in Learn), you should wait until after the upgrade. Please note that the temporary disruptions may also affect the students' ability to see certain lectures during this period.

If you have questions about the update, you are welcome to ask them to or directly in the Support Café: