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Here you can find an overview of the most common types av digital documents connected to the university.

Policy Documents

Dalarna University is regulated by the laws and regulations that are in place for public organisations in Sweden as drawn up by the government.

The English translations of a number of regulations and policy documents

For a more comprehensive list, refer to Styrdokument (webpage in Swedish)

Registratur och arkivet

Documents that has been received by or been drawn up by Dalarna University is generally considered official (allmän) and is preserved in the electronic filing system (diariet).

Most of the documents published at the university is preserved in the university archive.

According to the principle of public access, you have the right to access information at the University – this includes access to documents that are sent to or from the University, or that are drawn up here.

Read about what documents you can access and who to contact

Documents at

There are differents types of documents published at the university website. Most of them are accessed through webpages, but if you are looking for one specific document you may use this search function.

Documents at

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