Sustainable Development

Dalarna University has unique opportunities to contribute to societal development. We educate future generations of citizens, decision-makers and entrepreneurs. We generate new knowledge and in collaboration with businesses and organisations, we can create a better basis for sustainable development.

Goals for Sustainable Development

The goals for sustainable development are important for the work Dalarna University does with internationalisation, equal conditions and gender equality, as well as the environment and climate.

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Environment and Climate

Dalarna University has a significant role when it comes to working to achieve a better environment and combating climate change. While we can contribute through our research, our teaching and our collaboration, we also need to reduce the environmental impact of our own activities.

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We strive towards achieving a strong international dimension and cooperate through our education and research throughout the world.

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Equal Opportunity and Gender Equality

Equal opportunity is based on the principle of the equal value of everyone. Equal treatment, gender equality, diversity and accessibility are examples of different perspectives in the work in this area for both students and employees.

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Education for Sustainable Development

All students who take a degree at Dalarna University must acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development and to take active responsibility in this area both at work and in society.

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Research Collegium for the Advancement of Sustainability (RECAST)

In order to encourage research that can contribute to sustainable development, Dalarna University has established the Research Collegium for the Advancement of Sustainability (RECAST).

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Professional Development and Grants

Read more about how students and staff can develop their skills by taking courses and applying for grants.

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Council for Sustainable Development

The Council for Sustainable Development at Dalarna University works to encourage commitment, give advice and follow up work relating to equality, diversity, internationalisation, the environment and the climate.

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News and Events

On the Staff Web, you will find news and events that relate to sustainability issues.

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