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We aim to develop our international perspective and have different forms of collaboration throughout the world.

When you choose to study at Dalarna University, you choose to be active in our internationalisation process, which serves to raise the quality of our programmes, courses, and research, and this has a positive effect regionally. All departments at Dalarna University shall maintain an international perspective. Our graduates will leave having reflected over issues that are of relevance internationally.

Collaborative Partners Throughout the World

To develop an international perspective, in both our campus courses and our online courses, we have built up a worldwide network of collaborative partners taht is accessible to both our students and our employees. The experiences and impressions of those who have spent time in another country, along with the visiting lecturers and students from other countries, serves to contribute to an increased level of internationalisation within our organisation.

The University is part of these three programmes:

Internationalisation: Strategic Areas for Dalarna University

  1. There will be co-production in research and education with a number of selected international research and educational institutes.
  2. Co-production in the main fields of study at Dalarna University will be developed through international co-production in the University's research profiles.
  3. Through co-production with companies, public actors, and non-profit sectors within the close region, our international work will develop.
  4. Dalarna University's students shall be equipped for a labour market and a citizenship that demand intercultural competence.

Our Definition of Internationalisation

"Internationalisation at Dalarna University relates to a global perspective, intercultural understanding,  international collaboration and internatinoal mobility, all of which inform our undergraduate and postgraduate courses and programmes."

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