Quality Management

Quality management at Dalarna University aims to ensure that as an organisation, we achieve our goals and live up to our vision while meeting the quality criteria set by the Swedish Government as well as the expectations of society.

Quality assurance is in place to help us ensure the quality and development of our programmes, research and collaborative projects. By way of a systematic approach towards quality assurance, the University is able to make real its vision at the regional, national and international levels. 

Culture of Quality Assurance

Responsibility and commitment on the part of university management are key to the development and maintenance of a working culture in which quality is a standard focus. This culture should be one characterised by clear leadership and transparency as part of the University's willingness to see development at all levels.

Quality management as a standard is something that concerns everyone at the University, both staff and students alike: each of us is responsible for development and progress within the area in which we work and are active - all with the aim of actively promoting an academic learning and teaching environment of high quality and progress.

Follow-Up and Development

Systematic quality assurance builds on well-planned and intentional follow-up and analyses that serve as a basis for ongoing development of the organisation. Three pillars form the foundation of this work: Organisational Management and Follow-Up; Planned Evaluation and Review; and Operative and Ongoing Quality Control.

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