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The figures and statistics shown on this page are taken from the Annual Report 2021.


  • 89 doctoral students, of which 59 in Dalarna University programmes
  • 34% external funding for research (56 million sek)
  • 511 publications of which 332 peer-reviewed articles

Programmes and Courses



Financial Information

  • Revenue 757 million sek, of which 165 million sek (22%) in Research Areas

EU Financing - NextGenerationEU

Programmes offered by Dalarna University are funded to a certain extent by the EU through NextGeneration EU (NGEU), which is also known as the European Union Recovery Instrument. It aims to support EU members in their post-pandemic recovery.

The recovery plan for Sweden comprises five focus areas. Dalarna University is part of the focus area relating to education, where investment aims to address the need for higher education.

Sveriges återhämtningsplan (regeringen.se)

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Europeiska kommissionen
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