Interviews and questionnaires will be used to collect new data that will serve in the estimation of demand.

The results can be directly incorporated into existing models of economic effects and BI-solutions for the horse industry. The project contributes to more detailed and accurate descriptions of the impact of the horse industry at various levels within the economy. It will also reveal the impact of different types of horse-related events and activities: horse racing, show jumping, leisure riding, Icelandic horse shows, etc. The findings will be disseminated by way of seminar presentations, conference sessions and two journal papers.

Contact/Project Leader: Dr. Tobias Heldt, Economics,

Project Members:
Associate Senior Lecturer Zuzana Macuchova, Dalarna University
Associate Senior Lecturer Daniel Wikström, Dalarna University
Professor Hans Andersson, SLU

Project Financing:
Swedish-Norwegian Foundation for Equine Research
Project Budget: 1 100 000 SEK
Project Duration: 2017-2018

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