CeTLeR - Centre for Tourism and Leisure Research

CeTLeR works to develop and convey knowledge about the tourism and hospitality industry regionally, nationally, and internationally. Through education and research, as well as open dialogue with relevant parties and stakeholders, we aim to develop an industry that is sustainable.

The importance of tourism and hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industry includes all levels of business, from micro-businesses to large listed companies. It is a key industry throughout Sweden whether that is in sparsely populated rural areas or large urban centres. It both contributes towards and affects development within Swedish society in a number of ways, such as providing job opportunities and making it possible for people to live and establish a livelihood in all parts of the country. It also serves to improve public health services, enhance integration, and increase knowledge about nature and culture.

On average, the tourism and hospitality industry constitutes 2.5 percent of Sweden's GDP and is one of Sweden’s primary industries.

Collaboration that supports a sustainable tourism and hospitality industry

CeTLeR at Dalarna University works to create the conditions for sustainable development of the tourism and hospitality industry through its collaboration with the private and public sectors. We work to produce knowledge, increase competence, and develop solutions that can help future society to be more ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable in this regard.


CeTLeR research in the field of tourism and leisure deals with the analysis of tourism destination development, the marketing of destinations, the effects of events, tourism and hospitality as a job market, and the issues related to mobility and sustainable development. One notable theme of CeTLeR research is cultural and natural heritage, while its focus is on issues related to the development of destinations and the tourism and hospitality industry in rural areas and small towns.

Our research projects often deal with the challenges facing the industry within the local region of Dalarna. Currently, CeTLer is involved with several projects that examine various aspects of sustainability within the tourism and hospitality industry.

When it comes to our research and projects, the involvement of people in the industry is highly significant. We work together with most small businesses and independent entrepreneurs in and around Dalarna, as well as national organisations and stakeholders within society.


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