Research Project: In depth understanding and visualization of socio-economic effects of the horse industry: Extending the BI-horse model for Sweden and Norway

Project leader
Tobias Heldt
Project Members
Azhar Almusleh
Omar Alnyme
Hans Andersson, Ekonomi SLU
Grete Stokstad, Department of Landscape Monitoring, Division of Survey and Statistics Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO)
Asbjørn Veidal, Department of Landscape Monitoring Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO)
Project Period
Project Status
The overall purpose for this project is to deepen the understanding for how economic effects of the horse industry can
be understood and visualised at micro level using consumption and production data in both Sweden and Norway.
Background to the project is to find in the industry's need for up-to-date statistics and knowledge of the economic
impact at both national and regional levels. This project is closely related to the newly developed Swedish Industry
model, "Hästnäringen i siffror", and the similar work for Norway. Project results will enable a comparison between the
Swedish and Norwegian horse industries and the examination of success factors for individual enterprises operating
in different geographical regions and segments of the industry. Overall, the project results contribute to in-depth
descriptions and clearer presentations of the horse industry's socio economic impact for use in strategic decision
making, at local, regional and/or national levels.
Research Profile
Complex Systems - Microdata Analysis
Tourism Studies
Norges forskningsråd
Stiftelsen hästforskning