Doctoral Studies

Dalarna University has three doctoral programmes in which you as a doctoral student have the opportunity to develop as a researcher in a creative and active research environment.

Programmes at the Doctoral Level

About Doctoral Studies

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Studies at the doctoral level aim to give you the opportunity to advance your training and knowledge in a specific academic field. Your skills as an academic develop at the same time as you broaden your competence in the area of independent problem formulation and critical assessment of the various elements that form part of the research process.

Upon completion of your doctoral programme, you will have gained a deep understanding as well as specialised skills within your field, and be equipped to conduct research on an independent basis.

Doctoral studies are an important component in the mandate of the University and by embarking on such studies with us, you too will become key to the research taking place here.

Your programme will comprise courses, seminars, conferences, and research that you yourself conduct with the support of a supervisor. This can result in a licentiate degree (120 credits) or a doctoral degree (240 credits).


Märet Brunnstedt
Doctoral Studies Coordinator