Research about Language, Literatures and Learning

Our research focuses mainly on linguistics, literary studies, and language learning and teaching. In our dynamic research environment, we integrate research with education, engage in collaborative projects, and recognise the importance of internationalisation.

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Forum for Linguistics

This research group is a meeting-point for Dalarna University’s researchers, teachers and doctoral students with an interest in linguistic research with different theoretical and methodological traditions.

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Literature, identity and transculturality 


See the Swedish webpage Litteratur, identitet och transkulturalitet

Diversity in educational contexts

Senior Lecturer Swedish as a Second Language

See the Swedish webpage Mångfald i utbildningssammanhang

Language learning and teaching

Senior Lecturer Swedish

See the Swedish webpage Kollegial mötesplats för Språkdidaktik

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Dalarna University Applied Linguistics (DUAL) seminar series

DUAL is a seminar series for those interested in Applied Linguistics. Experts in different areas of the field are invited to present their research. We target prominent researchers from different parts of the world to present on current topics.

Dalarna University Applied Linguistics (DUAL) seminar series

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