Research about Teacher Education

In our research, we study the learning and development opportunities of children, adolescents and adults. Our research field is broad in scope, from preschool to higher education. Through our research, we aim to ensure that teacher education is informed by scientific evidence and best practice.

Research Groups           

Didactics: Literacy 

See the Swedish webpage Läs- och skrivdidaktik (LÄSK)

Didactics: Mathematics 

See the Swedish webpage Matematikdidaktik

Didactics: Social Studies

See the Swedish webpage De samhällsorienterande ämnenas didaktik

Didactics: Vocational Education

Per Andersson
Visiting Professor Yrkesdidaktik

See the Swedish webpage Yrkesdidaktik

Educational Leadership and Environments

See the Swedish webpage Pedagogiskt ledarskap och pedagogiska miljöer

Preschool Education

See the Swedish webpage Förskolepedagogik

The History of Education

See the Swedish webpage Utbildningshistoria

Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy

See the Swedish webpage Idrottspedagogik

Doctoral Studies

In our PhD programme in Educational Work, doctoral student gets to contribute to the development of knowledge of professional practices in response to current challenges within education at all levels, from preschool to university. Central objects of study are teaching, instruction, learning, caring and fostering.

Doctoral Studies: Educational Work



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