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At Dalarna University, we collaborate with external parties and society in a great many ways. Our aim is to give you - our students - the means to make a difference in the world.

Organisation and Management

Dalarna University is a higher education institution that is regulated by government legislation. The Vice-Chancellor is the head of the university, and its highest decision-making body is the University Governing Board.

Organisation and Management
Policy Documents 
Personal Data Protection (GDPR)
Strategy for Dalarna University 2020–2026 (pdf)

Education for All

We aim to promote an environment founded on the equal value of the individual. Everyone shall have access to higher education regardless of external factors. One facilitator of this is the fact we have developed our virtual campus to allow for flexible studies wherever you live and whenever you can study. We offer open-learning forums and environments that are web-based, with many of our resources being accessible 24 hours a day. Using digital technology, we have created sustainable, global meeting places that allow for personal development and educational opportunities.

Vision and Goals (webpage)
Diversity Work (webpage)

Education for Employability

We offer programmes and courses that have a clear connection with research and employers' needs at both the local and international level; this fact alone ensures you are well-equipped for professional life post-graduation with the skills and knowledge that will make you a clear and strong candidate in job applications.

We offer a number of programmes in a variety of fields: for those taught in Swedish, see our Swedish programmes. We also offer a number that are taught in English: these you can find on our English programmes. During your studies, you will have opportunity to experience professional life through traineeships and exchanges: check the programme that interests you for details.

Making a Difference Through Research

The close collaboration we have with business and industry, including the public sector, means that our research is up-to-date and relevant. Applied research ensures that high quality is maintained. Our research involve researchers from a number of departments as well as researchers from other institutes of higher education, in both Sweden as well as other countries.

Quality Management

Collaboration with External Organisations

Our programmes, courses and research have a clear and direct tie with regional organisations and businesses. One of our most important missions is to ensure the development of knowledge and skills that are required in Dalarna so that we in turn can continue to play our part in global development.

We are co-players in the relationship that university students and staff have in their collaboration with external organisations. This leads to increased independence and ability among our students to take active responsibility for professional life and society in the years to come.

Collaboration: Networks and Centres of Excellence

Life-Long Learning and Professional Development

The desire to learn and gain new perspectives and the ability to challenge our preconceptions are factors that make us both more attractive and more productive as individuals and colleagues. Professional development is key to success, which is why we offer the opportunity for you to access commissioned education from Dalarna University in all our academic fields. We do not simply collaborate with regional business and industry; rather, we are actively involved in designing courses to ensure the professional development needs within the community at large are met.

Dalarna University in Global Partnership

With a global perspective and with global responsibility in mind, we offer our students the opportunity to take part in exchanges with other institutes of higher education in a number of countries.

Internationalisation (webpage)

Sustainable Development 

The university has an important role to play in the pursuit of a better environment and of combatting climate change. We are in a position to contribute by way of research, education and collaboration, as well as by way of our own actions within the organisation.

Sustainable Development (webpage)

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