Education and Change (AS3001 and AS2001)

The course (at both graduate and undergraduate levels) deals with education policies and the role of education in the development of African societies. The focus is on the relationship between education and social change.

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Indigenous knowledge and learning systems are discussed in relation to formal and structured education systems. The role of international aid in education for development in African societies will be discussed as will be questions related to professional ethics and to the role of official curricula.

Course pages

Education & Change in African Societies (AS3001, 8 Credits) 

Education & Change in African Societies (AS2001, 8 Credits) 

Staff members

Nadja Lebedeva

Nadia Lebedeva
Course Coordinator

Joyce Kemuma

Joyce Kemuma
Associate Professor, teaches
lifelong learning and
transcultural identites in Africa

Åsa Wedin

Åsa Wedin
Professor, lectures on language
and nationhood in Africa

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