Boards and Committees

There are various boards and committees in place at Dalarna University, each with its own area of specific responsibility.

More detailed information about these boards and committees, such as minutes from meetings and decisions, can be found on the university's intranet.

University Faculty Board / Utbildnings- och forskningsnämnden (UFN)

The University Faculty Board is the highest-standing collegial body at Dalarna University. The responsibility of this board lies in the area of quality within education and research. It also has decision-making powers related to governing documents.

  • Linda Vixner (Dean)
  • Katherina Dodou (Pro-Dean)

Doctoral Programmes Board / Forskarutbildningsnämnden (FUN)

This board looks at issues regarding postgraduate studies and the University's research. Dalarna University has degree-awarding powers in the fields of Microdata Analysis and has doctoral students registered at other higher education institutions who are active within all the University's research. Questions concerning research programmes are dealt with principally by FUN, which answers to UFN and which is closely tied to the University's research.

  • Åsa Wedin (Chairperson)

Faculty Boards / Områdesnämnder

There are five faculty boards that ensure and work to develop the quality of education, each within its own respective field. This takes place through systematic evaluation and the drawing-up of course syllabi:

Humanities and Languages

  • Katherina Dodou (Chairperson)
  • Torsten Hylen (Vice-Chairperson)

Social Sciences

  • Ingrid Grosse (Chairperson)
  • Lenka Klimplova (Vice-Chairperson)

Science and Technology

  • Hasan Fleyeh (Chairperson)
  • Johan Heier (Vice-Chairperson)


  • Patrik Larsson (Chairperson)
  • Juvas Marianne Liljas (Vice-Chairperson)

Health and Caring Sciences

  • Ingrid From (Chairperson)
  • Kari Jess (Vice-Chairperson)

University Appointments Board / Anställningsförslagsutskottet (AFU)

This board is involved in such issues as the employment of teaching staff in the various categories of Professor, Senior Lecturer, and Research Assistants. AFU is assigned duties on the specific instructions of the Vice-Chancellor.

  • Catharina Nyström Höög (Dean and Chairperson)
  • Marie Elf (Vice-Chairperson)

Student Disciplinary Board / Disciplinnämnden

This board deals with such matters as student cheating, examination disruption and disturbance of the learning environment. Cases of sexual harassment are also dealt with by this board. More information can be found on the Disciplinary Matters webpage.

  • Martin Norsell, Vice-Chancellor and Chairperson

Staff Disciplinary Board / Personalansvarsnämnd

This board deals with issues that are of an employment and disciplinary nature.

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