Research Project: Boosting the sustainable food choice to reduce climate footprint at winter tourism destinations

Project leader
Tobias Heldt
Project Members
Jonas Nordström
Marie Nowak
Maria Lexhagen, ETOUR Mittuniversitetet
Project Period
Project Status
The overall purpose of this project is to study food choices in the tourism and hospitality sector in Sweden and their role in mitigating the sectors climate footprint. The project focuses on the integration of climate friendly food and beverage products in hospitality offerings and how behavioural insights can be used to encourage both producers and consumers to act more climate friendly. The specific purpose of the project is twofold; a) Producers choice: to define climate friendly food at a destination level and to understand prerequisites and challenges for practical implementation of climate food labelling. b), Consumer choice: to test the effectiveness of introducing climate friendly food labelling and options on the menu.

The project studies the application of climate friendly food in tourism and hospitality businesses with insights from behavioural economics and consumer choice, based on two different perspectives involving the use of two types of methods. One is from the perspective of food service providers and studies their motives for making climate friendly food more accessible in their operations. The other is a consumer perspective where the focus is on behavioural factors that drive more climate friendly food choices.
Two restaurants within a winter destination will serve as the study area and object. Project results will be new knowledge on which cues lead to certain consumer choices that in the end can be used in for example new innovative menu design, new recommendations on management practices related to leadership and staff training and new insights on importance of food choices for CSR and company image. The results of this project will contribute to the general knowledge in the field of climate friendly food choices in hospitality and tourism and their significance for reduced carbon footprint with equal or increased profitability for tourism and hospitality companies.
Research Profile
Complex Systems - Microdata Analysis
Tourism Studies
BFUF - Besöksnäringens forsknings- och utvecklingsfond
Destination Sälenfjällen
Högskolan Dalarna