Research Project: Micro-based decision support for analyzing tourism and infrastructure investments

Project leader
Tobias Heldt
Project Members
Omar Alnyme
Daniel Brandt
Beatrice Waleghwa
Project Period
Project Status
This project aims at extending micro based decision support to be used in public planning for infrastructure investments of relevance for sustainable destination development. The ambition with the project is to increase awareness of the volumes and effects caused by tourism at local and regional level. The comprehensive model enables more precise forecasting of local and regional effects from tourism, which in turn increase awareness of national effects of tourism that can be used when planning infrastructure investments.
The main results from the project is a methodology for collecting data, including a model that describes the effects as well as a BI-tool that visualizes the volumes and effect of tourism. The project’s results will meet the need of planners at local, regional and national levels of an extended description of the tourism business- as well as socio-economic effects from tourism.
Turismplanering, Beslutsstödsverktyg, Turismekonomiska effekter , Tourism planning, decision support tool, Economic effects of tourism
Research Profile
Complex Systems - Microdata Analysis
Tourism Studies