Forskningsprojekt: The Challenges of International Migration to the Actualisation of Transculturality and Transnationalism in Twenty-First Century Europe

Carmen Zamorano Llena
Mattias Aronsson
Billy Gray
Carolina Leon Vegas
Carles Magrinyà Badiella
The main aim of this project is to establish an interdisciplinary research network that will focus on the analysis of the challenges that international migration, particularly as perceived after the 2015 refugee crisis, has posed to the actualisation and legitimation of the transcultural and transnational project which was articulated in the European context over the 2000s as a response to changes in migration patterns occurring particularly since the 1990s. In this project, we will therefore focus not only on the 2015 refugee crisis, its effects, consequences and possible policy-making suggestions relating to the redefinition of the European public space. We emphasise the need to take a diachronic approach so as to add a much-needed sense of perspective to current debates on migration in the European context. This will enable a more informed understanding of present circumstances, as well as more nuanced evaluations and suggestions for future development of the European project. The concept of narrative is regarded as pivotal in providing coherence to this application, which will be based on the synergetic combination of expertise from various fields of knowledge. As acknowledgment of current arguments for the need of interdisciplinary work in analyses of migration, particularly forced migration, this project adopts multi- and interdisciplinarity as its methodological approach.
international migration, transculturality, transnational Europe, multi- and interdisciplinarity, diachronic
Interkulturella studier