Forskningsprojekt: Flerspråkiga resurser i undervisningen

BethAnne Paulsrud
Jenny Rosén
Åsa Wedin
Feliciano Chimbutane, Department of Lingustics Universidade eduardo Mondlane, Mocambique
Natalia Ganuza, Centrum för tvåspråkighet Stockholms universitet
Christina Hedman, Institutionen för språkdidaktik Stockholms universitet
Christopher Stroud, University of Western Cape, south africa
The aim of this initiation project is to establish a long-term research and teaching collaboration between Sweden and Mozambique, with a focus on multilingualism as a resource in education in the two countries. On the surface, these two contexts representing the geopolitical North and South may seem very different. However, each faces challenges and opportunities for enacting policies and practices which support linguistic diversity in the classroom. The partners in this collaboration (Dalarna University and Stockholm University, Sweden, and Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique) comprise researchers with extensive experience studying multilingualism in schools, society, and teacher education. Our goal is to share our expertise in research as well as our knowledge of practical examples of the arrangement of education for multilingual students, and thus create a mutually beneficial collaboration. As a means to this, we will focus on both developing research projects across the borders and on initiating opportunities for students at the partner universities to participate in exchanges during their master programmes. The result of our collaboration will be new research with a potentially high impact both on promoting multilingualism in increasingly diverse educational environments, and on enabling university students to partake in the creation of new knowledge and experiences.
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