Forskningsprojekt: Celtic Others: Irish Literary Representations of the Other

Pilar Villar-Argáiz, University of Granada, Spain Department of English
Carmen Zamorano Llena
Charles Armstrong, University of Agder, Norway Faculty of the Humanities and Pedagogy
Wanda Balzano, Wake Forest University, NC, USA
David Clark, University of A Coruña, Spain Department of English
Margarita Estévez-Saá, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain Department of English
Anne Fogarty, University College Dublin, Ireland
Charlotte McIvor, University of California, Berkeley Performance Studies
Paula Murphy, University College Dublin, Ireland
Eva Roa White, Indiana University Kokomo, IN, USA Humanities Department
Maureen T. Reddy, Rhode Island College, USA
Amanda Tucker, University of Miami, USA Department of English
This is a collection of essays that examines Irish writers’ representations of interracial encounters and cross-cultural exchanges between the ‘native’ Irish host and the immigrant ‘Other’, which have become common aspects of everyday life in 21st century Ireland. Some other interracial and cross-cultural encounters beyond the geographical frontiers of Ireland are also explored, as they are highly relevant to current debates around Irish multiculturalism and the present context of Ireland as a host country for contemporary migrants. Key areas of discussion are: What does it mean to be ‘multicultural’, and what are the implications of this condition for contemporary Irish writers? How has literature in Ireland responded to inward migration? Have Irish writers reflected in their work (either explicitly or implicitly) the new influx of immigration? If so, are elements of Irish traditional culture and community maintained or transformed? What is the social and political efficacy of these intercultural artistic visions? While these issues have received sustained academic attention in literary contexts with longer traditions of migration, they have not yet been extensively addressed in Ireland today.
My contribution to this international research project will consist in an essay to be included in this collection. The title of this essay is “‘Our identity is our own instability’: Intercultural Exchanges and the Redefinition of Identity in Hugo Hamilton’s Disguise and Hand in the Fire”.
Interkulturella studier