Forskningsprojekt: Musculoskeletal disorders in the Swedish armed forces marines

Andreas Monnier, NVS KI
Björn Äng
Helena Larsson, NVS KI
The present project aims to lay the foundation for effective evidence-based prevention of one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF) marines. Present data estimate the occurrence of and identify risk factors for back pain and related limitations in work ability, at different stages of the SAF marine’s career. It includes evaluation of clinical useful tests and exposures assessment of occupational physical activity.

Our results show that MSDs are common in active duty SAF marines, with the back among the most commonly reported pain region. Preventive actions targeting significant risks related to the work marines perform as well as the characteristics of marines – including physical training – are warranted to curb further back pain episodes. While pain history and demographic characteristics can be used to identify marines at risk, the specific relation of these risks to back pain needs to be further clarified. However, movement control tests do not seem to be valid for inclusion in preventive back pain screenings for marines. Further experimental studies with the purpose to mitigate MSD is needed, as are empirical observational studies on these elite soldiers’ physical exposures, during training and at deployed status internationally. Such studies is presently ongoing/planned.
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