Tourism Studies

Tourism as a phenomenon and industry can be studied through many subjects, which makes the subject of Tourism Studies multi-disciplinary, where we use cultural geography, sociology, business studies, economics, work life science and anthropology to make sense of tourism related issues.


Within Tourism Studies courses are given at both undergraduate and advanced level within our programs, International Tourism Management and Tourism Destination Development. With its interdisciplinary profile, Tourism Studies gives the student the opportunity to learn more about tourism as a phenomenon, the relationship with place as a destination, conflicts of interest, tourism work and the labour market, tourism's effects on economies and destinations and sustainable development.


The research focuses on destination development, the tourism labor market, destination marketing, effects of events, as well as issues concerning mobility, sustainable development and tourism in cultural and natural heritage environments.


We constantly work to communicate and contribute our knowledge to a broad audience at the same time as we welcome knowledge from the surrounding society and the tourism industry. Therefore, we see collaboration as important, linked both to our education and our research. Read more about our external collaboration at


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