Italian is spoken by 60 million people in Italy, but also by a number of millions of residents in other parts of the world.
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Welcome to study Italian with us!
Benvenuto ai corsi di italiano!

The Department of Italian at Högskolan Dalarna has been the first one in Sweden (2003) that offered entirely online courses in Italian. Thanks to our long experience, we can offer courses from Beginner Level up to Undergraduate Level 2 (ie, A, B and C levels), which are completely INTERNET BASED WITHOUT PHYSICAL PRESENCE.

No matter where you are, you can follow our synchronic seminars / lectures and sit your examinations via the Internet. For all of this, a PC with internet connection, a headset and a standalone webcam is required.

The Italian Department at the University of Dalarna offers you only qualified teachers who are Italian native speakers with high competence.

Our courses provide you with a broad language education with solid, useful knowledge of Italian language and literature, as well as Italian culture and history.

Currently, Dalarna University does not issue a bachelor's degree with Italian as a major subject.

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