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Senior Lecturer Italian
Italian School of Language, Literatures and Learning

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After earning my degree in Lettere from the University of Roma Tre in 2004, I obtained a PhD in Italian Linguistics from the University of Macerata in 2009, where I also worked as an adjunct lecturer. Since August 2011, I have been a senior lecturer in Italian at Dalarna University College.


My main areas of research are the syntax of Old and Modern Italian, literary linguistics, and the expression of modality and evidentiality in Italian and Italian dialects. Besides the revised version of my PhD thesis ("Costrutti condizionali in italiano antico," 2010), I have published two other books: a stylistic analysis of the poetry collection "Salutz" by Giovanni Giudici (2006) and an introduction to Italian stylistics, "Che cos’è la Stilistica" (Carocci, 2010), which has been used as a textbook in Italian and overseas universities. Several of my research papers and reviews have appeared in international journals and miscellaneous volumes.