Human Geography

Within the subject of Human Geography you learn how to understand and analyze society based on the conditions of different places and regions in a globalized world.


Courses in Human Geography are given at undergraduate and advanced level. We focus on regional development and tourism and we provide courses in mobility, population geography, economic geography, sustainable local and regional development, landscape analysis, community planning and GIS. You can read courses in, or consisting of, Human Geography as independent courses and as parts of the programs; International Tourism Management, Tourism Destination Development and in the Bygg- och samhällsplaneringsprogrammet.


Research within the subject is conducted in the areas of regional development and tourism, with a focus on mobility, labour markets, destination development, landscape analysis and regional analysis of government services.


We constantly work to communicate and contribute our knowledge to a broad audience at the same time as we welcome knowledge from the surrounding society and the tourism industry. Therefore, we see collaboration as important, linked both to our education and our research. Read more about our external collaboration at


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