Q&A for prospective students – Chinese

Find more information about China and studies in Chinese.

Does the course package require full time study?

Full-time study requires 40 hours of study time per week. Students can also choose to study 50% (20 hours per week) or 25% (10 hours per week). The number of contact hours per week is limited, meaning students are expected to spend a lot of time studying on their own, with teachers’ guidance.

What is the workload for one course?

Full-time study requires 40 hours of study time per week. If a course is 15 credits at 50% pace, then students are expected to study 20 hours per week for this course. If a course is 7,5 credits at 25% pace (lasts over 20-week period), then students are expected to study 10 hours per week. But if a course is 7,5 credits at 50% pace (lasts over 10-week period), then students are expected to study 20 hours per week.

Are any Chinese courses or course packages at Dalarna University taught in the evening?

We only offer evening seminars for true-beginner level (stage 1) and beginner level courses (stage 2). Check www.du.se/chinese for a list of courses and course syllabuses.

Do you award any university degree in Chinese? 

Yes, when you complete the Chinese BA thesis course and earn 180 credits at the university level, you will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese from the Chinese Department. Please see a detailed explanation about the Bachelor of Arts in Chinese at Dalarna University in the document "How do I proceed towards a bachelor’s degree?" (pdf)

I am not a citizen of Sweden. Do I have to pay tuition fees?

If you are not a citizen of Sweden or any other European Union country, you will need to pay tuition fees. Please check Application Fees and Tuition Fees for more detailed information.

Which online learning platforms and tools do you use?

We use Zoom for online teaching and Learn as our online learning management system. Please check the following links for more detailed information:

Zoom – instructions

Learn: Learning Platform – instructions 

What forms of assessment do the courses have?

Some courses have online written exams, some courses have oral exams, and some courses have both. Few courses require you to write a paper (i.e., essay). Please check our website to find the course syllabus for the respective course, as it will detail the forms of assessment.

I have already studied Chinese. Does that affect which course I should apply to?

If you have studied Chinese previously, then you do not have to start at the true beginner level; however, to prove your level of proficiency, you will need to provide a university transcript showing your credits from Chinese courses or standardised test results (e.g., HSK test certificate).

I have some knowledge of Chinese, but I do not have a transcript or standardised test results. What should I do?

You can email amne.kinesiska@du.se to book a time for an online placement test. The placement test takes 90 minutes to complete.

Are the online seminars/lessons obligatory?

Our distance courses provide flexibility in location; however, we do meet online for seminars/lessons at set times on set days. Attendance in these is obligatory.

Is it possible to receive university credit (högskolepoäng) for the courses in Chinese I took in China?

Yes, absolutely! You can apply for credit transfer at the webpage Transfer of Credit for Previous Studies.

How do I apply for courses?

You apply for courses on universityadmissions.se. The application deadline for the spring semester is October 15 (application opens September 15) and for the autumn semester it is April 15 (application opens March 15).

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