Credit Transfer and Validation of Prior Learning

Dalarna University students can receive credit for previous studies (credit transfer/transfer of credit) and their prior learning.

Credit Transfer

If you have successfully completed courses at another higher education institution in Sweden/another country, then you can apply to receive credit. You can then apply these credits towards the degree that you are taking at Dalarna University.

For an assessment to be made, you must be registered at Dalarna University and must be taking courses here.

Complete and submit the form below (Transfer of Credits for Previous Studies). This is then processed by an administrator in the Student Affairs Office. A decision will be made within two months of receipt of a complete application and will be sent to the address you provide in the form.

If you are granted credit, then you will receive a document that you must keep safe so that you can submit it with your application for a degree certificate upon completion of your studies. If you are denied credits, you can appeal the decision.

Note: you must include a copy of the decision on credit transfer when you apply for your degree certificate

Credits for Studies at a Swedish University

If you have completed a number of credits in a course but not the entire course, you can still receive credits. There cannot be any overlap in course content.

Credits for Studies at a Foreign University

An assessment of credits can be made for courses you have taken at a foreign university. In this case, the credits must be transferred into Swedish university credits.

Validation of Prior Learning

If you lack formal entry requirements but feel you have the necessary prerequisites for entry to a programme/course, then you can seek validation of your prior learning. Prior learning may include work experience.

To demonstrate your collective competence, you must submit supporting documentation that details your previous education, workplace experience, involvement in organisations, and other such activities.

To apply for validation of your prior learning, follow these steps:

  1. Apply for your programme(s)/course(s) on
  2. Complete this form.
  3. Upload the form and any supporting documents: follow these instructions on how to upload documents.

The information you upload will then be processed by the Admissions Office at Dalarna University. Each application is reviewed separately and the assessment is individual. You will receive a response in your account (My Pages). Do not send anything directly to Dalarna University.


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