Students' Experiences – Chinese

Hear what some of our current and former students have to say about studying Chinese at Dalarna University.

Jeremy Biggs

“For an English speaker, Chinese can be a challenging language to learn. Prior to joining Högskolan Dalarna, I had tried several other avenues including study books, tuition, online courses, and even private tuition, but it is only since I joined Högskolan Dalarna that I feel I have made real progress.  

The clarity of teaching materials, regular homework and dedication of the teachers have made an enormous impact on my Chinese ability. One of the greatest joys in learning a language is to be able to converse with native speakers in their native tongue, and thanks to Högskolan Dalarna, I'm now able to chat online with Chinese friends without any trouble.

Internationally, Högskolan Dalarna has a reputation as being one of the best online Chinese courses available, and having studied there for three years, that reputation is well deserved.”

Ludvig Sääf

“I started my Chinese studies at Dalarna University in the spring of 2009. My second term was spent at DUs partner university Yunnan Normal University in Kunming China. Because of support from my teachers in at the Dalarna University I also received a scholarship from the Swedish Institute to continue my studies for another term at Yunnan Normal.

Whilst in Dalarna University I have, apart from attending Chinese language courses, also attended modern and traditional cultural and history courses, Chinese philosophy as well as business language and business culture courses. These courses have been invaluable to me during my 5 years stay in China. No matter whether in a working situation, dealing with bureaucracy or in a relaxed social environment, the wide spectra of courses given at Dalarna University has given me a broadened understanding and hence an increased ability to comprehend, deal with and draw favour from the situations faced with whenever in or in contact with China.

All courses but one that I attended in Dalarna University has been distance courses, making use of interactive computer software to do the lectures. This allowing flexibility not only to spend time in China while engaging in studies in Falun but also enabling me to spend less time traveling to campus and more time on studies and adapting studies with family life.

Under the mentoring and direction from the teachers at Dalarna University I finished my paper and graduated from Dalarna University with a Bachelor in Chinese in 2014. I have now gone on to study a Masters’ programme in Chinese studies, well prepared for these higher academic studies in Sweden and at one of China’s top universities.”

Anna Virdeby

“I started study Chinese at Högskolan Dalarna as a true beginner. In fact, I did not even know more than two or three words. The studies have been intense but manageable through the help of the online meetings, selfstudy assignments and other available Internet resources that are included in the course. 

The teachers have been very helpful and encouraging. I also found the contacts with my classmates rewarding, since they have been situated in both China, Sweden and other countries, with different backgrounds and earlier knowledge of Chinese culture and language. I think Chinese language and culture will be of great importence for my future career.”

Peter Warell

"My Chinese learning experience at Högskolan Dalarna has been very positive and enriching. I have done most of the Chinese courses offered at Dalarna and studying distance learning courses has been very suitable for me. Learning on distance have worked well for me. I found planning ahead and organising my studies have been very important. The courses do not just cover the Chinese language but also other topics related to China and the Chinese language. The courses in linguistics, traditional culture and literature were probably the most interesting courses I took and the courses made me want to learn more about China and language. I would recommend anyone who wants to improve or experience Chinese to do it at Högskolan Dalarna."

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