Industrial Engineering

Our research focuses on sustainable production and materials, product development, logistics business models and entrepreneurship.

We work to develop materials and coatings to increase productivity and performance for manufacturing and end use. Our work involves the study of business models including sustainability aspects for logistics and renewable energy, entrepreneurship and product development.

Laboratories and external collaboration

We have a well-equipped materials technology laboratory that has equipment for mechanical and tribological testing and metallographic sample preparation, as well as advanced instruments for microscopy and surface analysis.

We conduct elements of our research upon assignment by companies, which enables us to employ our material expertise and use our laboratory resources in the characterisation and evaluation of materials for use in certain applications.

We have four research specialisations and external collaboration within:

Research Projects

  • SMART-Sprickbildning i nerskalade Ti-testgeometrier för LMDp reparationer
    Project Start: September 2023
  • FEEDER-Karaktärisering av tillsatsmaterial för LMDp-process – reparation
    Project Start: September 2023
  • Integrerad bearbetningsmodellering i fullskala FINBEAM2
    Project Start: October 2022
  • YTfel2 - Innovative surface inspection with multispectral technology and artificial intelligence
    Project Start: October 2022
  • WOLS – Wire drawing optimization with resource-efficient lubrication
    Project Start: January 2022


Lecturer Industrial Economics
Senior Lecturer Business Administration and Management
Associate Professor
Senior professor Materialvetenskap
Professor Materials Technology
Senior Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
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Reserach Coordinator
Jayaraj Jayamani
Senior Lecturer Materials Technology
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