Data and Information Management

Research mainly involves the study of complex processes in business and industry, and in social constructions – in particular areas of research that are relevant for the region as well as non-urban areas along with transport, infrastructure and retail.

Central to this research profile are the creation and adaptation of tools that can analyse these processes through the development of advanced microdata analysis methods and techniques. Microdata analysis is a multidisciplinary field that is concerned with the gathering, modelling, summarising and interpreting of large quantities of data and underlying algorithms, methods and techniques.

Microdata analysis comprises a number of collaborating fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, Resource Allocation, Data Modelling, Experimental Design, Focus Groups, Geographical Information Systems, Visualisation, Measurement Techniques, Optimisation, Prognoses, Simulation and Statistical Inference.

Research is conducted in close collaboration with regional and national companies and organisations in industries such as transport, manufacturing, tourism and retail, and these also act as financers and data providers. This collaboration and competence in microdata analysis form the basis of the Master’s Programme in Business Intelligence, the goal of which is to educate students so that they have specialist competence for work with decision support at the managerial level of companies and other organisations.

This research group was previously part of the research profile Complex Systems - Microdata Analysis.

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