Subject guide: Spanish

Welcome to the library’s subject guide for Spanish studies.

Academic Articles and Reports

  • ERIC (The Education Resources Information Center) is the world's largest digital database of education literature
  • Google Scholar is Googles interface for scientific material. Here you can find articles, thesis and books from academic publisher and universities from all over the world. The Universities resources in fulltext from different vendors and subscribers are integrated in Google Scholar but you need to go through the library webpage.
  • The Swedish national library catalog.
  • Databas för språkvetenskaplig och språkrelaterad litteratur. Database for literature on linguistics and language-related disciplines.
  • Databas för litteratur inom litteraturvetenskap och språkvetenskap m.m. Database for literature on linguistics and literary research etc.
  • A search service providing information on titles held by more than 10,000 libraries worldwide

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