Subject guide: Business and economics

Welcome to the subject guide for business and economics! This subject guide collects useful resources for students in business and economics at Högskolan Dalarna.

Research reports and academic articles

  • is a database that covers all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, MIS, human resource management, organization theory, POM, accounting, finance and economics. Many articles are available in full text
  • Search articles in economics.
  • Scopus is an interdisciplinary database with scientific literature in various subject areas. It also a database for citation searches.
  • Interdisciplinary database with references from scienctific journals, books, reports and conferences in various subjects. It also a database for citation searches.

Research publications and student thesis

Dissertations, research publications and student thesis published at Swedish universities.

  • Diva portal is a searching tool and an open archive for research publications and thesis from 47 Swedish universities and institutions.
  • Academic publications at Swedish universities. Search among scholarly articles, conference papers and dissertations etc.
  • Swedish theses and essays in full text.
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