Library Tutorials

As a teacher, you are able to book tutorials in information retrieval for your students. The library also offers seminars for staff and individual guidance in information searching.


As a teacher you are able to book library tutorials in information retrieval for your students by emailing Tuition aims to help students develop their skills to independently search for, evaluate and apply information within their subject field.

For tutorials to be relevant and worthwhile for students, it is important that their purpose connects clearly with the course students are taking. Nevertheless, we would prefer that content is planned with a view to the programme as a whole.

For programmes, tutorials can be held as students progress through their studies and over the academic terms until the programme ends. Tuition is also offered for courses that are not part of a programme. The librarian and the course teacher discuss the planning of the tutorials.

Tutorial Content – Examples:

  • Introduction to library services
  • Discussion on scientific material
  • Searches in relevant database
  • Discussions and tools for the critical evaluation of sources
  • Reference management

Doctoral Students, Researchers and Teachers

The library offers researchers and doctoral students supervision and support relating to search strategies, data management and publication.

Examples of subjects covered are:

  • Literature search
  • Bibliometrics
  • Open Access
  • Systematic reviews
  • Management of research data
  • Reference management
  • Support programmes software
  • Copyright

Seminars for Staff

The library can organize seminars based on interests and needs, regarding information resources and reference management programmes. Saff members are welcome to contact the library with requests or suggestions on When a seminar is arranged, dates and times are published on the intranet and in the university calendar.

Book an Appointment with a Librarian

The librarians offer both students and staff individually tailored instruction in information retrieval and reference management through Book an Appointment with a Librarian service.

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