Library Tutorials

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As a teacher, you are able to book tutorials in information retrieval for your students. The library also offers courses for doctoral students, lunch seminars for staff and individual guidance in information searching.

Tutorials for Students

The library's subject librarians are responsible for the provision of library tutorials. As a teacher, you are able to book sessions in information searching for your students via your subject librarian or Tuition aims to help students develop their skills in searching, evaluating and applying information critically to their subject area. Below you can see examples of different tutorials, although the content can be customized according to requirements.

Library Introduction

Students receive an introduction to the library's information resources, as well as a tour of the library.

Basic Information Searching

A subject librarian details the library's information resources and provides instruction on how to search for and critically review information.

Advanced Information Searching

Students gain in-depth knowledge of how to search for and evaluate scientific information. They will learn different search strategies and review and compare relevant search tools.

Course for Doctoral Students

The library occasionally offers a course in information retrieval and management for doctoral students. With the approval of your supervisor, the course, which is worth 3 hp, can be credited to your postgraduate programme. If places are available, teachers are also able to join the course.

Seminars for Staff

The library can organize seminars regarding information resources, reference management programmes or thematic overviews of information retrieval. Staff members are welcome to contact the library with requests or suggestions on When a lunch seminar is arranged, dates and times are posted on the intranet and in the university's calendar.

Book an Appointment with a Librarian

The subject librarians offer both students and staff individually tailored instruction in information searching through Book an Appointment with a Librarian service.

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