Group Study Rooms in the Library

As a Dalarna University student, you are able to book the majority of the library's group study rooms. These may be booked on the same day or up to four days in advance. The library also has group rooms and quiet reading rooms that do not require booking. Staff may also book certain group rooms.

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Bookable group rooms in Borlänge 

Booking will be possible again after the summer, on the new Campus Borlänge.

Bookable group rooms in Falun 

Book the following group rooms using the university booking system TimeEdit

Sydney, 6 seats

Klaipeda, 8 seats

Istanbul, 6 seats

Hargeisa, 2 seats

Lyon, 4 seats

Bukarest, 6 seat

Tallinn, 6 seats

Kunming, 4 seats

Cadiz, 2 seats 

Bamberg, 2 seats 

Krakow, 6 seats 

Riga, 2 seats

Bratislava, 2 seats

You can book the following rooms by contacting the library.

Elverum, 2 seats

Åbo, 8 seats 

Non-bookable group rooms in Falun 

These rooms are not equipped with computers and are accessible to students and staff upon a first come, first served basis. Booking is not possible.

Stellenbosch, 6 seats

Santiago, 6 seats

St Petersburg, 6 seats

Limerick, 4 seats

Teaching rooms

The room Bologna in Falun is equipped with 15 computers, a projector and equipment for streaming. You can use the room when it is not booked for courses. 

Quiet reading rooms in Falun

The library has two reading rooms that do not require booking. They are designated for quiet reading and study.

Osaka has 12 desks

Thunder Bay has 9 comfortable armchairs

Rules of use

  • Students may book rooms on the same day and up to four days in advance.
  • You must be in the room within 15 minutes of your booked start time.
  • Group rooms are intended for at least two people.
  • Ensure rooms are left clean and tidy after use, with furniture placed back in position and any rubbish put into the bin.
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