Borrowing Rules

Students and staff at Dalarna University can use their keycards to borrow items at the library's self-service. The loan period for books is 21 days. Automatic renewal will then be done seven times as long as no one has made a request.

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User Account/Library Card

You automatically agree to abide by the library's borrowing rules when you borrow books from us. Failure to observe these rules may result in suspension of borrower privileges.

In order to borrow books when you are in the library, you need to have one of the following forms of identification with you: a Dalarna University keycard or library card, Swedish driving license or ID card, passport or LMA card (identity document from the Swedish Migration Agency).

If you are collecting material for someone else, you need to bring their ID with you.

Students and Staff

With your user account you are able to access the library's electronic resources. You can, for example, renew loans, reserve books, borrow e-books and search among articles and journals in our databases. You use your keycard when you borrow material using the self-service machines.

All messages regarding your loans are sent to your university email address. However, messages may end up in spam. It may therefore be a good idea to check it from time to time.

Other Library Users

In order to obtain a library card, you are required to bring valid identification with you to the library. You are eligible for a library card from the year you turn 16.

You can reserve books online using your library card number and associated pin code. You use your library card when you borrow books using the self-service machines.

When visiting the library, you can use our computers to access the internet and our electronic resources. You may obtain temporary wifi access by taking your Swedish driving license or ID card, passport or LMA card (identity document from the Swedish Migration Agency) to the information desk.

Loan Period

  • The loan period for books is 21 days. Automatic renewal will then be done 7 times as long as no one has made a request
  • The loan period for DVDs is 7 days (students and staff only). Automatic renewal will then be done one time
  • Course reference books, other reference material and journals may only be used in the library

It is your responsibility to adhere to the loan period, even when you are sick or travelling. You will receive an email reminder 3 days before the due date. You can check your loans and your requests at My loans.

You can return books in the book drop outside the entrance of the library in Falun. In Borlänge, there is a book drop outside the main entrance to the university.

If you do not want to come to the library to return your books, you can simply send them to us.

Course Literature

The library holds at least one copy for borrowing and one reference copy of all course literature. The reference copy can only be used in the library. Some course literature is also available in e-book format.


Automatic renewal will be done 7 times as long as no one has made a request. If you want to continue to borrow a book after the maximum number of loans has been reached you may do that as long as no one has made a request. First you have to return the book to be able to borrow it again.

Automatic renewal for DVDs will be done one time only.


You can reserve books using our search box (Summon) and choose whether to collect them from the library in Falun or Borlänge. You will receive email notification once your book arrives, and you have 3 days in which to collect your book from the reservations shelf.

If you are a student at Dalarna University and live in Sweden but not in either Falun or Borlänge municipalities, you can request for books to be sent to your home address. You are required to pay the cost of return postage. If you live in Dalarna, you can return books to your local library free of charge. Only once the books reach the university library are the loans removed from your account.

When you reserve a book that is not out on loan, there is a possibility that someone else may visit the library and borrow the book before it reaches the reservations shelf.

Late Returns

When the loan period for your item has expired you will receive a demand notice via email and late fees will start to accrue. If you have not renewed or returned the item after 3 demand notices, you become liable to replace the book and an invoice will be sent to your home address. You will not be able to borrow or renew any items until the invoice is paid or the books are returned.

Fees for Overdue Items

Overdue fines are payable by debit or swish in the library. Overdue fines for books and other materials are 10 sek per item/day. Once fines reach 200 sek, you will no longer be able to borrow items until the amount outstanding is paid. The invoice cost for the replacement of an item is 600 sek. If you return the items, you are still required to pay a 200 sek late fee per item.

Lost and Damaged Books

Contact the library at if you have lost or damaged a book. You will be required to replace the book with a new copy.

Personal information

In order for to borrow books, the library needs personal information such as your name, personal identity number, address, telephone number and email address. If you have reserved books or overdue loans, we use this information to contact you. In the event of invoicing for overdue items, the university’s finance department is also given access to your personal information.  Once the items are returned and the overdue penalty or invoice has been paid, the loan history is deleted from your borrowers account. If you have not borrowed books for two years and have no outstanding overdue penalties, your borrower account will be deleted.

All processing of personal data is determined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Which books you borrow is confidential according law (Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, Chapter 40, Section 3)


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