Key Cards

Once you are registered, you can request a key card from the help desk at each campus. This card gives you access to the university buildings outside regular opening hours as well as the computer labs. You also need the card to borrow from the library, and to print and photocopy.

Request a Key Card

Once you have registered for your course(s), you can request a key card. This you do at our Help Desks (near each reception) on a drop-in basis: be sure to bring valid ID. Your photograph will be taken at this time. Note that if you are a programme student or Erasmus student, then there will be a schedule for when you can receive your key card at the start of the semester.

Forget your pincode?

Visit the Help Desk with questions about your pincode. We do not give out pincodes for your keycard by telephone or email.

Blocked Key Card

If your key card stops working, then it is most likely because you have not used it in the last three months or because it has expired. Contact the Help Desk and take your old card with you.

Lost your key card?

Contact a Help Desk and ask them to block your lost card. They will fix a new card for you with a new pincode.

Turn Off Alarms in Alarmed Areas

Swipe your card and enter your pincode to turn off an alarm in an alarmed area.

If the alarm sounds in the evening or at the weekend, leave the room, close the door, swipe your card and enter your code in the cardreader. The alarm will sound again 50 minutes later, and you must repeat the drill.

You cannot enter staff corridors or the lecture halls with your student key card.

Sound and Light Alarm in Computer Labs

If the alarm sounds during the  day, it is a computer alarm. Contact the Help Desk.

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