Office 365

In collaboration with Microsoft, Dalarna University is able to offer Office 365 to its registered students.

Get Started

IMPORTANT: Steps 1 and 2 are only necessary for older accounts not yet migrated to the Office 365 email system. If your account is created in the fall semester of 2019 onwards, you already have Office 365 enabled. Please proceed to step 3. This also applies to older accounts (created before the fall semester of 2019) that have been moved to Office 365 email.

  1. Activate your Office 365 subscription.
  2. Choose Office 365 (it can take up to 12 hours before you are able to download Office).
  3. Log on to the Office 365 portal ( There you can find OneDrive, Forms and online versions of Office programmes.
  4. Download the Office package from the portal. You can also download the package directly from Microsoft or Apple store. You then activate the installation by logging onto Office with your university account. In the Mac App store, the package is called “Microsoft Office 365” and in Microsoft Store it is called “Office”.
  5. Install the programme.

Support Services

If you need assistance, go to Microsoft Support or the Office 365 Training Centre.

More Information

  • We have activated the following: Office 365 ProPlus (Office Package for computers and mobile devices), Office Online, Onedrive, Forms and Minecraft for Education.
  • This offer is open to registered students at Dalarna University. Upon completion of your studies with us, your Office 365 account will close and all data will be deleted. You will have to contact Microsoft if you want to continue using Office 365.
  • Your Office 365 account name is (username is your university account name – for example, h19abcde). Be sure to log in with this account if you have more than one Microsoft account.
  • You can use Office 365 on up to five devices. In your Office 365 portal, you can see which devices you have installed Office on.
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