Student Health Services

If ever you need support during your studies, you can contact Student Health Services to make an appointment to meet with a counsellor, a university chaplain or the disability coordinator. All our services are free of charge.

Student Counsellor

You can contact a Student Counsellor to talk about stress, study achievement anxiety, low self-confidence and other factors that may be affecting your studies. We offer various forms of group work, lectures and workshops that aim to promote well-being and provide opportunity for personal growth.

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University Chaplain

You can book a time to meet with a university chaplain when you need somebody to talk to on any subject. You can turn to us regardless of your religious beliefs, and you do not need to belong to a church or religion. Everyone is welcome.

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Disability Coordinator

If you have a disability that can affect your studies, we have services that can assist you. What kind of assistance and support you receive depends on how your disability affects you in your studies.

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