Academic Resource Centre

The Academic Resource Centre offers ways that both facilitate your studies and help you in your personal growth and academic achievements. The centre coordinates and provides access to various university support functions so that you can quickly and easily locate the services you are looking for.

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The various activities that the Academic Resource Centre organises can help you in a number of ways: you can hone your study technique, improve your academic writing, optimise your information retrieval, learn how to reference properly and develop strategies that will benefit you throughout your studies. All activities are free of charge to all students, regardless of what you are studying or how far along you are in your programme.
The Academic Resource Centre aims to help ensure that all Dalarna University students complete their studies independently and successfully regardless of background or circumstances.

Tuesday Webinars

How can I prevent and cope with my exam anxiety? What is a good study strategy? How can I succeed in my studies in a digital learning environment? We aim to cover such study-related questions at the Tuesday webinars.

These will be held every Tuesday throughout the semester. They are hosted by the Academic Resource Centre and all Dalarna University students are welcome to attend. They are held on Zoom from 12.15 to 12.45. Please note that some webinars will be held in Swedish. See the PDF for information about upcoming Tuesday Webinars.

Tuesday Webinars / Tisdagstipset VT2023 (PDF)


Activities organised by the Academic Resource Centre change from one semester to the next: be sure to watch out for updated information and encourage others to take part.


Do you have questions about information search, referencing or scholarly articles? On wednesdays and thursdays during the semester you as a student are welcome to visit library’s drop-in timeslots and ...

7 Jun

Do you have questions about information search, referencing or scholarly articles? On Wednesdays and Thursdays during the semester you as a student are welcome to visit library’s drop-in timeslots and ...

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University Library

The University Library can help you search for resources and determine their usefulness; it can also help you learn how to reference. We offer workshops and drop-in guidance on Zoom throughout the semester.

Language Support

Each semester, you can receive help with your academic writing, both Swedish and English. We offer activities and booked tutorials.

Student Health Services

If you need support and guidance during your studies, please contact our Student Health Services (Studenthälsan) to meet with one of our Counsellors, University Chaplains or the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities. We all maintain professional confidentiality and all of our services are free of charge.

Study and Career Counsellors

Study and career counsellors coordinate activities to help you develop a good study strategy from the start of your studies. Career development is about understanding the job market; preparing and setting goals for future professional life; and highlighting and presenting your skills. As well, we regularly hold open sessions to inform our students about studying abroad at a partner university and about internship opportunities.

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Lina Mörk
Study and Career Counsellor
Coordinator, Academic Resource Centre


Johan Wernberg
Coordinator, Academic Resource Centre
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