University Chaplain

Do you have thoughts that you want to share with someone and want someone to talk to? The university chaplain is here to help both students and staff at Dalarna University. You do not have to belong to any church or philosophy, everyone is welcome. It is you and your life that is in focus.

Meet To Talk

We can talk over the phone, on Zoom or somewhere on campus in either Falun or Borlänge.

There is no cost for this service.


The university chaplain is employed by the Church of Sweden and work at the University.

To set up a time or to contact me, email You only need to include your name and telephone number. We ask that you do not write anything that is any way sensitive in your email message.

How can we help you?

Contact us to talk about any subject: life issues, beliefs, religious practice and ethics, or personal issues such as relationships, grief, stress and anxiety.

The Church of Sweden follows the Evangelical-Lutheran Christian faith, but everyone, regardless of faith, is invited to contact us.

We are well accustomed with ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, and can put you in contact with somebody from another religion and faith.

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We maintain strict professional confidentiality

University chaplains have an absolute duty of confidentiality in individual pastoral conversations in accordance with the Church Ordinance, Chapter 31, Section 9. This means that there are no exceptions when it comes to confidentiality. Even with your consent, we are not allowed to share anything about you with anyone else. Nor do we keep records or journals. 

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