When you get a Dalarna University user account, you also get a university email address. It is this address you need to use in all your university communication.

Dalarna University are now using Office 365 for all mailboxes.

What's my email address?

Your email address is your username (example: v21abcde) followed by The example user (v21abcde) has the email adress

You received your username when you activated your electronic identity on

Email forwarding

We strongly advise against forwarding e-mails outside the university as in many cases this does not work as intended. More and more email providers, such as Yahoo, are choosing to mark forwarded email as junk or refuse to receive the message altogether. You risk missing important information!

Email archiving

If you want to archive your email on a private computer, e.g. when preparing for the removal of your user account, you can use a tthird party tool to do so. More information.

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