Email archiving

To be able to archive your email on a private computer, you need a third party software that is able to access the email system you are using at the university. This is a walkthrough of one of the alternatives.

Which email system am I using?

All student user accounts created from the fall semester of 2019 onwards use Microsoft Office 365 for email. Active students with older accounts have been gradually transferred to Office 365. You can easily see on your username which semester it was created. h19 = autumn semester 2019, v20 = spring semester 2020, etc.

If you go to to access your email, you use Office 365. If you go to instead, you use the old e-mail system.

No support

The following software comes from a third party and we cannot provide support on this (except for the walkthrough published below).

MailStore Home (Windows)

MailStore Home is free software for Windows to archive email from a number of different email providers. Here you will find a walkthrough on how this can be used to archive email on your user account at the university.

Download MailStore Home from and install it on your computer.

See below for instructions depending on the email system you use at the university:

Instructions for MailStore Home (old system)
Instructions for MailStore Home (Office 365)

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