Photocopying and Printing

To photocopy and print, you need to buy credit for your myPrint account. You also need to follow certain rules that regulate how much you are able to copy: this is detailed in the licence agreement that the University has with Bonus Copyright Access.

Activate Your Account

Before you can print or photocopy, you need to activate your printing account. 

  1. Log on to My Pages from
  2. Choose "My Account" in the left menu.
  3. Choose "Printing Account" in the left menu. Here, you can also see your printing history and the kronor you have left in your account.
  4. Enter your key card number in the centre column and choose "Register".


To print from a mobile phone, tablet, etc., go to myPrint and log in with your electronic identity (user name and password). You can also log in to a printer/copier with your key card and pincode. You must register in your printing account before you can log in.

Print from Your Own Computer

We recommend that you use myPrint.

Print in the Computer Lab

The default printer is "Print on myprintserver": if this is not selected, restart your computer and try again.

Print from Email

You can send documents for printing to from your email address. If you want to print from another email address, enter this into your settings on myPrint

Printing Account

If you are a student, then you need to buy credit for your myPrint account. First log in (see above) and then you can choose to credit your account with 20, 50 or 100 sek. You buy credit at the reception desks at Campus Falun and Campus Borlänge during staffed office hours.

Photocopying Rules

The University has a licence agreement with Bonus Copyright Access. This provides students and teachers certain rights when it comes to printing and copying. The licence does not cover the copying and sharing of sound and films.

You can read detailed copying and sharing rules that apply if you are a student or a teacher on Bonus Copyright Access.

Repro at Campus Falun

For larger printing jobs or for services such as lamination, you can use the services of the office called Repro at Campus Falun.

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