Photocopying and Printing

To photocopy and print on a university photocopier/printer, you need to buy credit at the Helpdesk.


You can print from a university computer or your own computer, phone, or tablet.

The university multi-purpose machines can print, copy, and scan. You print to a printer queue and then you can print out from any of the multi-purpose machines.

How To Print

  1. First you need to have credit on your account to be able to print. Log on to to credit your account. If you forget your password, you can create a new one on You can buy credits using a debit card or Swish. NOTE: You cannot be reimbursed for unused credit, so be sure not to buy more credit than you plan to use. If you end up with unused credit, you can always transfer it to a friend via the portal.
  2. If you want to print from your own device, log on to and select Mobility Print Setup. After that, follow the instructions for the type of device you are using.
  3. If you are printing from a university computer, select the print queue “DuPrint”.
  4. Log on to the printer with your student account. You will then be given three choices:
    • Print release
    • Scan
    • Device functions (copy)

You can also link a card to your student account, such as your university keycard. After that, all you have to do is “blip” your card on the printer whenever you want to print, copy, or scan.


  • A4 black & white, single-sided: SEK 0.40
  • A4 black & white, double-sided: SEK 0.75
  • A4 colour, single-sided: SEK 0.85
  • A4 colour, double-sided: SEK 1.50
  • A3 black & white, single-sided: SEK 0.80
  • A3 black & white, double-sided: SEK 1.50
  • A3 colour, single-sided: SEK 1.70
  • A3 colour, double-sided: SEK 3.00

If you want help with larger or more special print jobs, contact Repro, the University’s printing service:

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