Talking books

Students with reading difficulties are able to access adapted course literature, for example, studio books, braille material or e-textbooks. On this page you find information on how to register for an account to use to download material to your computer, tablet or mobile.

Account for downloading talking books

In order to borrow talking books you need a download account with MTM (Swedish Agency for Accessible Media). Book a time with the library to set up an account. Your account can then be used to download literature from Legimus to your computer, tablet or mobile.

If you live far from the university, you may instead contact your nearest public library to set up a Legimus account.

Computer reading software

The best way to read a talking book on your computer requires the installation of a reading program, as  Easy Reader, avaliable for both Mac and PC. You can also read talking books directly in your web browser. For this you need to have an internet connection and be logged in to Legimus.

You can read e-texts using the programme Textview, which you download for free in Legimus.


To use a talking book on your device, you need to download the app Legimus or the app Dolphin EasyReader. The app is available for both iPhone/iPad and Android.

Recording course literature

We can order obligatory course literature for you that is not available in Legimus. Contact the library at to place an order. It takes from 8-12 weeks to record a new book.


With TorTalk, you can listen to e-books and other files such as locked pdf files. The programme works on both Mac and Windows computers and there are voices for a variety of languages. TorTalk is a useful aid if you have reading or writing difficulties or have a first language other than Swedish, although anyone may use it.

TorTalk is installed on computers in the library in Falun as well as in some computer rooms on both campuses. As a student or staff member, you may also download TorTalk to your own computer. Please note that you must be logged in with your university username in order to access the license key.

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