Interlibrary Loans and Purchase Suggestions

Students and staff at Dalarna University can order books and articles from other libraries if they are not available here. Library users are also welcome to suggest items for purchase by the library.

Interlibrary Loans

What is an interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loans refer to books and articles that the university library orders from other libraries.

What can you order?

Books and articles not held by the university library may be requested from other libraries. You may not request an interlibrary loan if the book is held by the university library, even if it is currently out on loan. It is not always possible to obtain interlibrary loans of dissertations and conference proceedings.

Articles we request via interlibrary loan are always supplied in printed form as we are not permitted to forward them in electronic form due to copyright regulations. You can order single articles but not entire journal issues.

The articles and books ordered must be related to your studies, your teaching, your research or in some other way be linked to your work assignments at Dalarna University.

Who can use the interlibrary loan service?

Dalarna University students and staff may use this service. Books obtained through interlibrary loan must be picked up and returned to the university library as we do not send them via post.

If you are a student at another university and living in either Borlänge or Falun municipality, you can order interlibrary loans concerning your master thesis through us. 

Members of the public should contact their nearest local library to arrange an interlibrary loan.

How long does it take to receive an interlibrary loan?

In normal cases, an interlibrary loan takes approximately 3-7 days to arrive at the university library. It can take longer during holidays. It can also take longer to order dissertations and conference proceedings and this material may not always be available for order.

Where can you collect and return interlibrary loans?

All interlibrary loans should be picked up at and returned to the university library. You can pick them up during our staffed opening hours. You will receive an email when the item arrives. 

Dalarna University students may request for copies of articles to be posted to their home address within Sweden at an additional cost. Staff will receive copies of articles via internal post. It is not possible to send copies of articles home to external students.

How long is the loan period?

Loan periods for interlibrary loans vary according to the borrowing rules of the supplying library.

Lost or damaged interlibrary loans must be replaced by the borrower.

How do you renew an interlibrary loan?

If you would like to renew an interlibrary loan, contact us at when the period of loan has expired. We will respond as soon as we hear from the supplying library.

What does an interlibrary loan cost?

Dalarna University Students

  • Books: no cost
  • Articles: 20 sek/article
  • Home delivery by post: in total 40 sek/article
  • Theses, patents and standards: as per invoice

Dalarna University Staff

Contact the library at for more information

How do you request an interlibrary loan?

To order a book, first check that the book is not available in the library catalogue, via our search box (Summon). Next, complete the form Order Book.

To order an article, first check that the article is not available via our search box (Summon). Then complete the form Order Article.

Purchase Suggestions

If you would like to suggest a book that you think the library should purchase, complete the purchase suggestion form

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